Merge is the result of a great passion and spending one’s life boarding!

It started with a snowboard, followed by many skateboards, then surfboards and finally longboards.

During a trip to the US I discovered my first longboard which created for me a whole new attitude to life. Ever since then it is only longboarding for me!

Once again travelling to US, New Zealand and Australia I discovered the term “Carving Systems”.

This gave me the final kick to design and produce my own boards.

After some failed attempts and struggling hard for about 1½ years with my perfectionism, it was finally complete.

The first Merge-Longboard - ready for the market - was born, the fulfillment of a dream and a starting point of a long legend – hopefully :)

Merge-Longboards are made out of bamboo, fibreglass and epoxy resin. Attractive inserts are added at the end.

It is a combination of handmade and modern mechanical manufacture at our own plant.

Each board is subject to strict quality controls

and is lovingly fashioned.

Of course we are aware of a responsible handling of natural resources – to reduce carbon footprint we exclusively use sustainable materials.

Merge-Longboards – High Quality made in Germany.

The brand Merge is actually the merge of three components:

experience, manufacture and adventure.







You do not just ride a longboard – you live it.

It is like surfing on the street. The origin of longboarding is a combination of surfing and snowboarding. Merge is just connecting this with you.

I’m a longboard!